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Fastest professional Text Moderation Services by 4000+ certified Text Moderators who offer accurate Moderation Services in Text for government, public and private sectors. Almost every business today, follows three common practices, viz. getting multilingual, expanding business globally and connecting with the online population. All of these contribute towards a better business growth and global recognition. Targeting the online population is in itself, the most lucrative business strategy that helps the entrepreneur earn huge. But, as everything has its pros and cons side by side, this too has a dark side. No matter how you use the online platform for your business promotion (for e.g. social media, website, online community etc.), you should definitely be aware of how online population can often pose a threat to your brand reputation. This is basically where moderation comes up as a solution.

What is Text Moderation?

In a simple layman’s language, removing a text, which may be obscene in nature, in order to make the brand conversation clean and topic related, is known to be as moderation for texts. Amongst millions of online users, there may be several people, who may post defamatory text on your website or social media, just for fun or to deliberately put your brand down. Thus, it becomes important for an entrepreneur to keep a check on such non-sense activities done by the users. This is basically what the whole process of moderation points at.

Need of Text Moderation

As mentioned above your brand isn’t always safe, when it is online. What happens is, when you allow the users to generate content – posts, videos, comments etc. – on your social media channel, online community or website, you unconsciously allow a bit of obscene content amongst the genuine one. This implies that while you are using the online platform to reach out to your customers or discuss about your brand, some filthy minded users may upload some very disturbing content that may degrade your brand reputation online. Further, in this huge inflow of content, chances are that such obscene content may get unnoticed. Thus, it is suggested to outsource moderation services that shield your brand against all non-sense defamatory content posted by the users. Some of the basic reasons why you need such services are –

 To avoid any sort of cyber bullying

 To take immediate action on any absurd or obscene content

 To ensure that your customers get genuine information regarding your brand

 To safeguard and keep the brand’s reputation high

In simple words, moderation is a golden key that helps you win over the hearts of your customers, reach out to them in the most authentic manner, provide them with a welcoming environment and keep absurd content miles away from your brand. So, don’t you think this is something that your brand needs for sure? You must definitely invest in such services, if you look forward to success.

Major Types Of Text Moderation

We work towards a solution that is all encompassing for your online brand. Hence, we segregate our services in different types, just to ensure that all of your needs and requirements are met. Apart from the below mentioned types, we also offer custom made solutions.

Pre-Publication Moderation

This type of moderation is the most demanded one. Under this, the content gets moderated, before it gets published online. This implies that when the user will upload any content, it will be first reviewed and then published, if it turns out to be fine.

Post-Publication Moderation

As the name suggests, this type of moderation is carried out, when the content has been published online. The content would be moderated in real time. So, you need not to worry about its impact on your brand reputation.

Selective Moderation

This type of moderation is also quite famous among entrepreneurs. Under this type of moderation, the content gets moderated, if it is flagged or reported to be ‘inappropriate’. Hence, if the users find any absurd content, they may report it and immediate action would be taken.

No matter, what type of moderation you choose for your business; it is for sure that you will eventually protect your online reputation from hostile agents. Depending on your budget, needs and requirements, you can choose any of the above options, including the customized one. In case of any doubt, contact us right away and we’ll help you pick the perfect choice.

Benefits of Outsourcing Text Moderation Services to Us

Without a moderated content, no online brand can conduct business smoothly. Hence, moderation is something that you must take very seriously. It can help you protect your business reputation and attract more genuine customers towards your brand. As far as we are concerned, our team consists of highly qualified and talented professionals, who make sure that all your needs are met, giving a perfect environment to the customers to discuss about your brand. Broadly speaking, you will find our services to be greatly beneficial due to the following reasons –

Streamlined Work Procedure

We believe that everything must run as per a proper plan and work procedure. Thus, we have designed a fantastic streamlined workflow that allows our team to execute all the tasks within a very short period of time. A shorter time doesn’t mean that we do not focus over quality. At each and every step, we ensure that the quality standards are met with flying colors. As a result, the output turns out to be productive for your brand.

Specialized Human Moderators

No matter, how advanced a machine gets, it would never be able to be as efficient as a human being. Especially, in the language sector, you can never completely rely on automated technologies, as the result often comes out to be faulty. Therefore, we have a specialized and talented team of human moderators, who moderate all types of content in real time. They have the potential to handle bulk assignments and deliver quality results.

Instant Alerts

The moment we detect any sort of defamatory text or content, we report it to you instantly and take immediate action by removing the same. We understand that you may have several important business activities to conduct. Thus, focusing on user generated content and other activities simultaneously, can be a strenuous task. This is why, we aim towards lowering the burden of tasks from your shoulders. We take the entire responsibility of moderation and let you know everything that happens because of user generated content posted on your website, social media or other platforms.

Multilingual Specialty

We also offer you a benefit of working in multiple languages. As you know that businesses have gone global these days. Thus, the need to communicate in different languages is at its peak. This also implies uploading of several multilingual user generated content. The users may post countless types of content in different languages that you may not understand. Hence, we moderate all types of user generated content, irrespective of what language it is posted in. we have multilingual experts on experts, who moderate in multiple Indian and foreign languages.

To be very clear, you need to outsource such services, as the time and competition demands so. If you neglect such services, your business will be at loss, because the online population so huge that you will never get to know if something disturbing has been uploaded on your site or social media. Millions of posts are uploaded. Do you have enough time to keep an eye on them? Obviously, no. thus, it is suggested to outsource the services to us and leave the entire moderation task to us.

Why Choose Us?

Now, when it is about business, you must ensure that all the choices and decisions are made with full awareness and knowledge about the service provider. Hence, we are here to help you out on why you should choose us. Although, from the above description, you might have got an idea on how we can be a fruitful resource for your brand protection, yet it is our duty to ensure that the client is completely satisfied with us and our services. So, here are some top reasons that will explain you why choosing us over others would be worthwhile deal –

 High quality moderation in all languages in real time

 Very strict QC measures

 Time friendly and pocket friendly services

 Experienced multilingual human moderators on board

 100% minimization of defamatory content

Immediate moderation action on all of your online platforms simultaneously


Last but not the least; we would just like to say that no matter why type of online business you run, you will always need the help of an experienced team. The online population consists of your competitors and several filthy minded users, who will make every effort to let your brand down. Hence, if you want to shield your brand from hostile agents, do get in touch with us. Our team will guide you throughout the moderation process. Call us right away!!

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