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Fastest professional User Generated Content Moderation Services by 4000+ certified User Generated Content Moderators who offer accurate Moderation Services in User Generated Content for government, public and private sectors. The business world is no less than a global online village today. Hence, almost every business – be it a startup, a small business or huge corporation – is targeting not just their regular customers, but also globally online population. But, do you think that your business is safe online? Frauds can happen out of nowhere, if we talk about the biz world. Thus, you do need to be very careful, while you conduct your business online. There are millions of users online, amongst which there may be some filthy minded people, who would make every effort to put your brand down. This is the place where moderation comes to your rescue.

What is User Generated Content Moderation?

When you operate your business online, you need to reach out to your customers and provide them a platform, where they could discuss or know about your business. Thus, online communities, social media, website and other platforms are used, where user content is allowed, i.e. the users are allowed to upload long posts, videos, comments etc. This permission is often misused by some users, who upload nasty comments or content, thereby degrading your brand value in the eyes of your genuine customers. As a result, your sales will get down, website traffic would decrease and revenues would stop. So, to avoid such situations, businessmen invest in moderation that keeps an eye on the content uploaded and remove any sort of disturbing content that hampers your online growth or reputation.

Need of User Generated Content Moderation

Moderation is used worldwide, as the supreme weapon to curb the issue of defamatory content on any online platform. No matter, what product you sell or how cautious you are, while conducting business online, people will get your hold and put your brand down by any means. The worst part is that you might never figure out what’s wrong with your business or online community that the customers are running away from your brand. Since the online population is very huge, the content generated would also be huge and you may not be able to detect any absurd content posted on your online handle. In simple words, moderation is all what you need to conduct your business smoothly. Here are some of the top reasons why such kind of moderation is mostly demanded by business owners –

 To avoid bullying in this giant cyber world

 To shield your brand against hostile agents

 To regulate the type of content posted online

 To retain customers’ trust and reputation on your brand

This shows that moderation is occupied with several benefits that your online business needs today, tomorrow and in the future as well. Always remember that the online market epitomizes a money-making market that will only provide you with riches and growth (if you devise the right strategies). Thus, it is suggested not to neglect the part of moderation from your business. It can help your business grow and be shielded from any user(s), who tries to influence your customers in a negative way.

Major Types of User Generated Content Moderation

We ensure a 360 degree solution to our customers. Hence, we have segregated our services into multiple categories that will fulfill all your needs and requirements in an instant. Apart from the below mentioned services, we also provide a tailor-made option that will be modified as per your demands. The major types are as follows –


This type of moderation is mostly demanded by the business owners. It involves removing any sort of inappropriate content, before it gets online. The uploaded content is first sent for review, and then posted online, if it appears to be fine.

Post Moderation

As the name suggests, under this type of moderation, the moderation is done after the content has been uploaded online. It is a real time process. So, the content would be removed in real time, just before any genuine customer notices it.

Reactive Moderation

This type of moderation basically relies on the users. The moderation, in this case, occurs only when a specific post has been reported as ‘abusive’ by the users. Thus, the entire power is held in the hands of the user.

User specific moderation

This type of moderation is quite similar to reactive moderation. There’s just a thin line that separates the two. Under this, any content would be automatically hidden, if has been reported as ‘not appropriate’ multiple times.

All of these moderation types are designed in line with your specific needs and requirements. Hence, whatever your need be, you can be rest assured that it would be instantly fulfilled with flying colors. The decision of choosing one of the above options is entirely up to you. But, make sure that you do invest in moderation, as it will safeguard your brand name, value and reputation for several generations to come. So, do choose and choose right.

Benefits of Outsourcing User Generated Content Moderation Services to Us

Monitoring, regulating and filtering every type of content, is what makes moderation a perfect ally for your brand protection. Hence, we ensure that our team performs it all, with a view to offer high quality experience to your online brand. No matter, you operate on social media, website, forums or any other online platform; you can be rest assured that you’ll get a full-fledged service that encompasses all online platforms for all kinds of businesses or industries. To give you a broader understanding of what we actually offer, or how beneficial our services are, simply scroll down to know –

Streamlined Work Procedure

Every task is done well, if it follows a well-planned work procedure. Hence, we have devised a smooth running process that helps our team accomplish as well as perform all the tasks within time. Not just this, we ensure a strict eye on the quality standards at each and every step. This implies that we perform our work within the proposed time frame and that too with the highest degree of quality.

Specialized Human Moderators

You would agree that a team is the most pivotal pillar of an organization. Hence, we have on board with us, a deft team of specialized human moderators, who have years of experience in moderation for multiple sectors, like media, aeronautics, chemicals etc. Thus, depending on the domain you deal with, we can offer high quality services to you under the guidance of proficient moderators. Please note that we do not use any kind of automated technologies for moderation work, as machines can promise quantity, but quality is never guaranteed.

  Instant Alerts

This is another benefit that you may get by associating with us. We believe that every business owner should be alert about what’s happening in and around his business. Hence, whenever it comes to moderation, we make sure that the business owner is instantly made aware of any abusive or absurd content that has been generated by any random user. We keep a strict eye on all of your online platforms, and as soon as we detect an inappropriate content that degrades your brand reputation, we take immediate action and inform you about the same.

Multilingual Specialty

The world is online as well as multilingual today. So, how can we stay back from offering you multilingual services? Our team is not just a bouquet of specialized moderators, but also multilingual experts, who can moderate all types of contents in all Indian and foreign languages. We have thus, got you covered from all sides. Be it any industry, any language or any type of content, we will offer you the right match for your needs and requirements. This in turn, calls for 360 degree protection of your brand.

So, don’t you think that associating with us is a deal worth it? With us, you get the highest amount of safety for your brand. We do not mere claim it; we prove it to you, in terms of qualitative results. When you allow user generated content, you also allow the risk of absurd content getting posted on your social media properties. This risk, although less, can be a major threat to your business growth and can turn your brand into a total zero. We can be a perfect helping hand in such severe situations.

Why Choose Us?

Being a smart entrepreneur, you must have understood why you should outsource the services to us. However, just to make things more clear, here we are, to give you an idea on why you should choose us instantly. We have been in the moderation market since a long time. Thus, we understand the ups and downs of the market, as well as, all that it takes to search the right partner. It is a messy task that involves a lot of time, money and efforts. So, if you want to save your resources and hire the right vendor at the very first attempt, you must choose us. We offer –

 100% reduction of defamatory content

 Strict regulation of quality measures

 Highly talented & experienced human moderators

  Multilingual moderation in all languages within real time

  Pocket friendly rates

 Instant moderation on all social networks, discussion forums & other online platforms

It’s time to pull up your socks and get started with the work. The business world is full of competition and even the slightest mistake can cost you a lot. Thus, if you avoid moderation, your competitors may take the lead and even post nasty comments on your social handles, just to bring you down. Do not let this happen to your business. Simply get in touch with us and experience the quality results of moderation.

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