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Fastest professional Video Content Moderation Services by 4000+ certified Video Content Moderators who offer accurate Moderation Services in Video Content for government, public and private sectors. Promoting business online is quite an astounding technique and has helped many businesses grow beyond their national boundaries. But, do you think it’s all safe? The online population is very huge and amongst your target customers, there may be some filthy minded people, who may post nasty comments and disturbing video content on your website, social media channel or any other online platform. These people can either be your competitors or any random online users, who have nothing to do in this world. So, to shield your brand against such intruders, you need to focus on moderation.


What is Video Content Moderation?

Video content is the easiest way through which businesses can attract audience. This is because videos are remembered much easier than anything that is written. Therefore, posting video content on social media or website is a big trend these days. But, while you do this, chances are that some users may post nasty comments that may degrade your brand reputation. As a result, your brand would turn into one that the genuine customers would never look at. Thus, all you need is to take timely action and involve in moderation. The moderation team will keep an eye on the actions of the users and would remove any absurd content that disturbs the customers. It will basically shield your brand reputation online.


Need of Video Content Moderation

Moderation is basically an art of keeping your brand reputation as well as value firm in the online market. In the past few decades, the scope for online businesses has increased incredibly. Hence, every other business is planning to hit the online platform and capture not just the domestic market, but also the international one. In the process of doing this, entrepreneurs neglect the repercussions of allowing user generated content on their social media properties or websites. As already mentioned above, some users may misuse your permission of posting video content. Hence, instead of posting something useful, they post content that is full of nudity, obscene and defamatory material. This in turn, disrupts the environment that your brand offers to its customers. They may feel offended and might never trust your brand, leading to losses.

Hence, in a very basic one line, you desperately need such services, due to the following reasons –

 To safeguard the trust and reputation of your brand
 To avoid cyber bullying
 To restrict any user from posting absurd video content
 To improve product sales and provide a welcoming environment to the customers

Online market is getting lucrative day by day. Hence, investing in the same is the perfect business idea. However, one must be aware of all the risks associated with it. By allowing user generated content, you may be unconsciously allowing disturbing content on your site. Hence, you should take moderation very seriously. Even if you are an offline brand that uses online platform just for the promotion purpose, you must invest in moderation. A good online image can help you grab tones of business.


Major Types

Our services for video content moderation have been segregated into several types, just to ensure that all your needs and requirements are fulfilled. So, before you get started, here are the major types of services we offer –

Frame By Frame Moderation : In this type of moderation, the video is transformed into multiple still picture frames, which are thoroughly reviewed by our team. After this, the frames which violate your guidelines are removed.

Live Cam Moderation : Video chat or live videos is a common way of engaging with audience. But, the risk of absurd content is much in this case. Hence, our moderates live videos or feeds in real time.

End-To-End Moderation : As the name suggests this type of moderation deals with moderating the entire content from the beginning to the end. In case of any violating content, the video content is instantly removed.

Flagged Video Moderation : This type of moderation is specifically outsourced by startups or small businesses. Under this, only a specific content is moderated, which is reported to be inappropriate.

Hybrid Moderation : This type of moderation is not limited to the moderation of videos. It involves moderation for everything that is related to it, such as, comments, snapshots etc.

Custom Moderation : When neither of the types fulfill your requirements, our team design a tailor made solution for you, keeping in mind all your requirements.


Benefits of Outsourcing Video Content Moderation Services to Us

Videos attract the most attention of the users. Hence, amongst several user generated contents, if someone posts an absurd video, it would be noticed instantly, and due to its obscene content, many genuine users will withdraw from your brand. This calls for immediate moderation of the content. A minute mistake can cost you huge. Thus, it is important to outsource the services to a reliable service provider. We, as an outsourcing partner, can be very beneficial to you, on account of our experience, talent and varied other grounds, such as the following –

Streamlined Work Procedure : We believe that no work can be executed successfully unless a proper procedure is followed. Hence, our team aligns its work according to a streamlined procedure that helps them execute all the tasks within time and with the highest degree of quality. At this point, you must also note that each and every task is completed under the guidance of experienced professionals. So, this would definitely be an added advantage.

Specialized Human Moderators : Quality can be easily guaranteed if a quality team is there to help you out. Therefore, we have experienced professionals on board, who have years of expertise and talent in moderating all kinds of video content. Hence, no matter what your business is all about, we can serve you with the most authentic services for your specific domain. Also, you must note that we do not rely on automated technologies. Your project is assigned only to the specialized moderators.

Instant Alerts : No matter where you are, or what you are doing, you should always be aware of anything and everything that is happening with your business. Hence, moderating the content for your brand, we ensure that you are notified about every single activity that happens online. As soon as our team detects any kind of non-sense disturbing content, they instantly take action and let you know about the situation. This implies that our handles everything in real time and convey the same to you in the nick of time.

Multilingual Specialty : Being multilingual is the need of today and if you still haven’t reached the multilingual audience, you need to think twice. Our team consists of professional moderators, who work in different languages, just to ensure that your brand gets 360 degree protection. Most of the brands, which target global customers, generally get user generated content from around the world in multiple languages. Hence, to ensure that the content in other language is not defamatory, we offer multilingual services.

In simple words, we are the perfect outsourcing partner for you. We ensure that your brand gets the highest amount of safety, whenever you allow user generated content on social media properties or website. So, if you desire to be shielded from any perilous thing that degrades the reputation of your brand, you are at the right place.


Why Choose Us?

Moderation isn’t an easy task. Therefore, it should be outsourced only to the most reliable vendor in the market. This is the reason why we are here. We understand the time and efforts involved in searching for the right vendor. On top that, if by chance, you hire the wrong option, all of your resources – time, efforts and money – will go waste. The global market won’t give you many chances. Hence, it is ideal to choose right, at the very first attempt. Here are some of the major reasons why most of our clients choose us over others –

 Very strict QC measures
 100% minimization of obscene video content
 Real time moderation in multiple languages
 Experienced human moderators on board
 Cost efficient and time efficient services

It’s time to get started!! You have already spent much of your time in thinking and planning for global expansion. Now, if you still keep thinking, your competitors will outrun you. As a result, you will stand last in the competition race. Don’t let this happen to your brand. Get in touch with us and we’ll help you how we can protect your brand from any absurd user generated content.

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