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Fastest professional Video Moderation Services by 4000+ certified Video Moderators who offer accurate Moderation Services in Video for government, public and private sectors. What is most important for a website owner? Is it the graphics, the language or any other factor? Well, to be very frank, every little detail in your website is important. But, the least known, yet the most important factor for a website owner, is to keep an eye on the user generated videos. Not every user in the online population will favor your business. People may post obscene videos on your website that may disturb the genuine target customers, which in turn would have an adverse effect on your business reputation. So, you need to protect your brand against all such intruders, whose aim is just to bring your brand value down.


Need of Video Moderation

More than half of the world’s population is online today, i.e. the online population has incredibly increased in the past few decades. Hence, investing in online business is a wise decision. However, the challenges associated with the same, are not less than anything else. There are thousands of filthy minded users out there, who have plenty of time to think of absurd ideas and post nasty videos on your website. Many online businesses allow user generated content on their websites. But, amongst several other business activities, they fail to realize the repercussions of allowing user generated content and not filtering them in real time. These contents may contain wrong information about your brand, nudity content and anything else that disturbs your customers.

In a very short and crisp line, you need such moderation services, for the following major reasons –

 To avoid cyber bullying
 To restrict the users from posting obscene videos on your site
 To protect your brand name, trust and reputation
 To protect the customers shopping experience and drive sales

So, take moderation very seriously. No doubt, online business is very lucrative and revenue-generating at the same time. If you have an offline brand, and you promote it online as well, there can be nothing better than that. But, with the latter option, you need to be very alert, as a single defamatory material or video can cost you huge.


Major Types

To ensure you get the best results and value for money, we have segregated video moderation in the following types. Have a look –

Still-Image Moderation

This is an effective and cost-efficient solution that selects still images from the video and moderates the same.

End-to-End Moderation

This type of moderation includes checking the entire video end to end, (i.e. from start to finish) for any content violations.

Advanced Moderation

This type of moderation is a mixture of the two – end to end and still image moderation. It guarantees the most accurate results.


Benefits of Outsourcing Video Moderation Services to Us

When it comes to moderating videos, we can prove to be the perfect partner that can help you out in the most authentic manner. We too, are an online business, and can clearly understand the need of keeping customers’ trust alive. Even a single mistake or negligence from your end, can cost you a lot. There are millions of users online and you may never know when someone posts violating videos on your website. So, if you’ll outsource these services to us, you will be at great benefit; some of the major benefits are as follows –

Streamlined Work Procedure

Everything goes well, if a stringent procedure is followed. Hence, our team follows a streamlined workflow that ensures timely execution of each and every task involved in the moderation process. Also, the entire procedure is carried out under the supervision of dexterous professionals. Thus, the output you get is highly qualitative, non-contradictory, appropriate and legitimate. So, isn’t it a big benefit to you? We take care of the deadlines and deliver an accurate output within the shortest time.

Specialized Human Moderators

We are backed by professional human moderators, who have years of experience in moderating videos for several brands and industries. No matter, which industry your business belongs to, we can assure quality moderation in an instant. Depending on your business type or industry, your project is assigned to a team that specializes in moderating videos for that specific industry or business. In addition to this, our team will coordinate with you, just to ensure that all of your requirements are clearly understood.

Instant Alerts

Since you are the business owner, you should be aware of everything happening on your website. Thus, the moment we detect or find any kind of video violating your policies, we report that to you and immediately remove it. Such videos can contain anything, which is absurd, non-sense and simply not appropriate for the genuine customers to read. This way, your customers always get a safe and friendly experience while shopping products or services from your website.

Multilingual Specialty

Almost every business is multilingual today, as the benefits of conducting business beyond your national boundaries are simply mind blowing. Hence, to serve you with quality solutions at every step, we have a special attribute of understanding different languages across the universe. This basically implies that we offer multilingual moderation solutions. While you are targeting a global non-native audience, the users may post irrelevant videos in a language that you neither speak nor understand.

To cut the long story short, outsourcing these services to us is the only thing you need. Not just the videos will be continually filtered and moderated, but also provide room for your brand to improve the customers’ shopping experience. So, don’t you think that hiring us for the moderation task is a worthy deal? By the time you are thinking, your competitors or other users may find the chance to post absurd videos on your website. So, stop thinking; get going.


Why Choose Us?

Being a smart entrepreneur, you might have understood why moderation is important for your business and why you should choose us over others. But, if you still have confusion, let us tell you that quality moderation helps a brand in boosting sales and driving more traffic. Hence, if you outsource us, you’ll get all of that. Listed below are some of the major reasons why our clients choose and you should too, –

 Follow strict quality control measures
 100% minimization of inappropriate content
 Multilingual moderation in real time
 Human moderators and technocrats
 Cost efficient and scalable services

Enough of thinking now; get started, get going. The online business world is very lucrative; therefore, you may find some challenges on your path to success. Some filthy minded users will try to put your brand value. However, you can still win the market via moderation. So, if you really want to grab success that hard; do get in touch with us. We will help you with super accurate moderation services.

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