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As a business man, you might have a tight schedule with tight deadlines of work. Hence, in such scenario you need to keep abreast with few apps that can make you productive.

So, here are some of the apps that can help you considerably:

1. Boomerang

This app deletes the messages in your inbox on a temporary basis and returns the same at a later time and date specified by you.

2. GroupMe

Here you can create private chat room to coordinate with coworkers, vendors, clients and contractors. Thus, your projects would be completed like a blow of air.

3. CloudMagic

This app is popular to handle all your corporate mails along with iCloud, Yahoo and Gmail etc. The messages can also be saved.

4. Glympse

It is an amazing app that lets you inform your team or others about your location. Your friends need not to have this app installed, in order to get your location.

5. UberConference

Using this app, you can call up to 10 callers at a time. This allows for unlimited number of calls (conference phone calls).

6. Quip

This is a spreadsheet app that helps you and your team to work on the same project simultaneously. This app actually binds you together with a chat system alongside your documents.

7. Canvas

Using this app, you can put all your custom forms, like invoices, work orders, checklists, expense reports etc, together. It also allows for cloud synchronization.

8. Dashlane

This is a password manager app. This app keeps track of all your logins, passwords. Also, it generates strong passwords automatically. So, in case you lose your phone, it would lock the phone itself.

9. CCleaner

This app is used to clean the cookies, temporary files and more, in order to speed up the phone and delete unnecessary stuff.

10. Betternet

Using this app, you get access to unlimited VPN connection to surf anonymously. You do not need any signup.

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