2016 Māori Language Week Celebrations to Begin on 4th July

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te wiki o te reo Māori, i.e. the Māori Language Week 2016 celebrations will be commencing from 4th of July to 10th of July. Māori is actually an indigenous language of New Zealand.

This language week is basically an initiative sponsored by the government that aims at encouraging the New Zealanders to promote the language and its use.

This week is celebrated since 1975.

The Māori Language Commission plans a theme for the celebration week and a wide range of events, promotions and activities that encourage the use of te reo Māori around the country.

The theme for this year is akina to reo – behind you all the way. This theme aims at using the effective translation solutions to support, encourage and motivate people.

Reports say that 50 phrases based on the theme have been developed by the Maori Language Commission.

Plans also suggest using the key words in connection with some major sports events, like the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio. Reports say that this will help in building interest in the language during the language week.

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