2016 May Offer a Great Salary Increment to Indian Employees

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Some recent reports say that 2016 may offer a great salary increment to Indian employees. It is said that an increment of 4.7% might be witnessed in the salary.

Further, it is estimated that the global salaries would witness a hike of 2.5%. The biggest wage rise would be for the Asian workers. This rise would be in the real wages. Further, it is estimated that the highest rise would be in China – 6.3%, Thailand – 6.1% and Vietnam – 7.3%.

Because of the constantly increasing demand of skilled workers, it is being estimated the salary hike for china employees would be 8% in the upcoming year 2016. The employment rates are also growing.

This data was drawn from Hay Group PayNet. It contains all the important data for millions of employees in varied organizations.

This hike is regarded as the highest in the past three years. The experts say that the salary hike was 2.1% in the last year and 0.2% in the year 2014.

The study predicted the salary increasing after comparing it with the predictions made in 2015, during this time.

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