3-Day Sale Offer at SpiceJet tickets starting at INR 799

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SpiceJet introduced 3 days sale offers for 1 lakh seats with tickets starting at Rs 799. The SpiceJet latest offering is not inclusive of taxes.

Every individual who book through the mobile app of the airline will get an additional discount of 10%.

The offer given by SpiceJet can be grabbed between August 20 and August 22, if you are planning for a travel period between 26th August, 2015 and 26th March, 2016.

SpiceJet said that the one-way fare would start from Rs. 799 to Rs. 2,699. The offer will cover popular destinations such as Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, Srinagar, Goa and many more.

The airline added that the lowest fare for Rs. 799 will be available on various routes such as Mumbai-Goa, Delhi-Chandigarh, Madurai-Chennai, Jammu-Srinagar, Bengaluru-Kochi and Kolkata-Agartala.

Such promotional schemes help to boost the growth in passenger travel. Passengers travelling by domestic airlines within the first 7 months till July 2015 increased by 21% to 455.78 lakh.

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