4 Cool Tricks to Save Enough Storage Space on IPhone

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The storage space is one of the problems that every smartphone buyer or iPhone buyer faces. Fixing these issues is very important for an individual, in order to make the most use of his phone.

So, in such a case, you must know what should be deleted or how the space should be managed in an iPhone:

1. Delete Photos

There are some unnecessary photos that we forget to delete. They consume much of storage space. So, delete those photos. Select all the photos that you want to delete and select the trash icon. Further, make sure top delete all the unnecessary videos, call history, reminders, voicemails, messages, contacts.

2. Space Consuming Apps

Look out for those apps that consume the highest amount of space. Go to the iPhone Usage Settings menu and delete the space sucking apps. You will see that total gigabytes available and also the list of apps that consume the maximum space. Delete those apps to manage the storage space.

3. Safari Cleaning

Delete all the data and cookies from safari browser. Go to settings> safari> choose Advanced> Website Data> Remove All Website Data. This will clean your browsing history.

4. App Notifications

Turning off app notifications can not only save the space but also save some battery. Go to settings> notifications> select app for which notification is to turned off> on/off toggle.

These are some of the tips and tricks that help to boost the storage space on your iPhone. However, there are more tricks, but these are the most basic and most trusted ones.

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