4 Most Popular Messaging Apps That are Safe for Texts or Calls

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A number of messaging apps are now safe and secure to text or call someone; WhatsApp is just a big example of this. Just the way WhatsApp is known for its end-to-end encryption, in the similar way other apps are also becoming popular that keeps the messages and texts secure from the hackers.

Some of the popular apps that you must know are listed below:

1. iMessage & Facetime

Apple claims that both the applications, iMessage & Facetime are end-to-end encrypted and thus, users enjoy a protected communication. They are protected on iOS and OSX operating systems. It is said that the communication cannot be accessed by anyone without your passcode.

2. Wickr

This app was launched for Linux, iOS and Android devices. Using the app, you can send different photos, file attachments and videos securely. According to the company, it does not save or store any of the texts or videos sent via app.

3. Telegram

The company claims that the messages, videos or any kind of data sent by the app cannot be hacked or intercepted by someone. In this app, you may find a secret chat option. Also, the messages destruct by self after a particular time period.

4. Signal

Available for iOS and Android devices, this app has been developed by Open Whisper Systems. This is based on open-source code and offers encrypted communications for image, videos and texts.

These are some of the many apps that are popularly known for encrypted communication. So, now you can enjoy a private chat without having the fear of being hacked.

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