5 Incredible Gadget Features That Are Actually Copied From Apple

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According to reports, there are certain gadget features that are somewhat copied from apple, especially the iPhone. The features in apple are greatly loved since a long time.

Thus, to be in the competitive race, many of its rival companies are known to copy some of its features, like the ones below:

1. Lightweight Laptops and tablets

The metal designed light weight laptops were first introduced by apple in the form of MacBook Air in 2010. A number of companies like, Asus and HP also mimicked the metal light weight design in their notebooks. Further, lighter tablets, like iPad were also released.

2. Force Touch

Force touch is a pressure sensitivity feature that was introduced first in Apple Watch. Android phones by Huawei also offered this feature. This feature in Huawei does the same work as force touch in apple watch and 3D touch in iPhone 6S.

3. Completely Duplicate

There are few android phones in the market that resemble iPhone 6 and 6S. Lenovo’s S90 Sisley is one of those android phones that resemble the iPhone 6.

4. Golden Smartphones

The iPhone 5S was released in 2013 in gold back color. After that, gold Galaxy S4, gold LG G2 and gold One M7 were spotted online.

5. Circular App Icons

The Gear S2 offered by Samsung had circular app icons, just like the Apple Watch.

Thus, there are a host of features that are similar to that in Apple gadgets.

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