5 Insane and Cool Diwali Gift Items in Budget Range of Rs 500

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Looking for reasonable Diwali gift items priced below Rs 500? So, if you are a gadget lover or your loved one likes gadgets, the this Diwali you can seriously gift something special to your friends or family.

Apart from the regular sweets, chocolates or dry fruits, you can gift some amazing gadgets that are very affordable:

1. Portable Projector

Using a mini projector, you can view a magnified version of your smartphone screen. You just need to slide in your phone and the screen would be magnified. This gift item can be easily carried anywhere due to its light weight design.

2. LED Shot Glass

These shot glasses are water activated. It serves both as a shot glass and decoration piece. A pair of these glasses would be under Rs 500. Thus, you can save huge amount of money.

3. Purifier Bottle

This bottle is certainly a great option to gift it to your loved one. This bottle is quite handy and is perfect for drinking purified water.

4. Bracelet Style Charging Cable

This is a charging as well as data syncing cable that looks like a bracelet. So, you can even wear it. One can use it for device charging or transferring music. It fits under Rs. 500.

5. Transparent Calculator

Another gadget is a transparent calculator that is powered by solar energy. A calculator is needed by everyone and gifting someone stuff like this would always be helpful to your loved one.

These are some of the ravishing Diwali gift items or gadgets that are ideal to gift to your beloved. This Diwali surprise him or her with some really cool stuff that fits in your budget, or more precisely under Rs. 500.

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