5 Most Popular Security Antivirus Apps for All Android Users

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With the increase in the number of smartphone apps and new technology in the android platform, the number of android users has also increased significantly. But in this modern day of technology, when your phone gets attacked by a malware; no one can say. Hence, you must be aware about some of the antivirus apps that are built for securing the android phones.

Some of them are:

1. ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus

This antivirus app is highly recognized for detect malware, as it provides real-time scanning of your apps. It comes with a number of anti-theft tools for the free version. You can prevent anyone from uninstalling your apps and also lock and locate your smartphone from a remote location.

2. Avast! Mobile Security

In a pool of various modern apps that help the business owners in different activities; there also some security apps that help them in running their android phone efficiently. So, one of them is Avast! Mobile Security. It allows you to control your smartphone remotely. So, in case, your phone gets lost, you can lock locate or wipe it remotely. You can even enable it to produce a siren sound.

3. 360 Security

Its main focus is to detect and make the threats null. It helps in safeguarding your device from spyware and malware. Further, it is also helpful in fixing your system vulnerabilities. You can even clear your usage history.

4. Bitdefender Antivirus Free

This app protects your device 24*7 from viruses. It does not need any configuration. But, in the free version of this app, you may not find some features like, like browser protection, find my phone and remote lock. They may be present in the paid version.

5. CM Security Antivirus Applock

It not only provides antivirus protection, but also protects your settings, apps and media files through applock feature. You may also find phone cleaner or booster and a number of anti-theft features like safe browsing and find my phone. Through applock feature, you can lock WhatsApp, your personal contacts, Facebook Messenger and others to prevent any unwanted access.

Thus, these days, a number of apps have spring up for android and iPhone security. However, these antivirus apps are the top and most cherished security apps for the android users. So, make the most of them.

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