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Few decades ago, riding a motorcycle was just treated as one of the ways of transportation. But, as the time has passed by, people have observed the real passion and adventure behind motorcycling. People travel to distant places on a motorcycle (specifically, the Royal Enfield, as it is the perfect heavy-duty beast, which is designed for a grueling road trip) and explore a unique way of tourism that can only be understood by those, who love thrill and adventures.

So, pick up your bike and get ready for an amazing tour that cannot be explained in words. Domestic tour operators generally arrange for the bike; so, if you do not have the bike, need not to worry about it.

1. Lofty Himalayas

This is one of the trips that are certainly not meant for amateurs, as the journey is quite exhilarating. This trip begins from Leh and follows the Kargil route. You may have the opportunity to explore the Penzi La pass, on the road to Zanskar. From this valley, you may then head towards Ladakh. Most of the tourists believe that the rocky-narrow passes, natural beauty of the Himalayas and Sutlej’s icy cold water, is actually what makes the journey worthwhile.

2. Bhalupkong to Tawang

Western Arunachal Pradesh is one of the best places in India, if you are planning for a bike trip. The landslides and unpaved roads will be quite challenging to you. But, the untouched natural beauty and unique tribal culture will compensate for that. Those who visit here, generally fall in love with alpine forests, mountain streams, waterfalls, small human settlements and terraced paddy fields. For the most adventurous trip, you can begin your ride from Bhalupkong and reach Tawang, passing through Dirang and Bomdila.

3. Cochin to the Southern Ghats

You might have not imagined Kerala to be in this list, as it is generally popular among couples. However surprisingly, Kerala offers you an unforgettable motor biking experience that you will relish for lifetime. Generally, people love to explore the wildlife on their journey. Hence, they begin their ride from Cochin to the Southern Ghats. This entire journey, you will get to discover variety of wildlife, paddy fields and beautiful rubber and tea plantations. Further, if you chose Southern Western Ghats route, you will get to discover the famous Munnar’s tea plantations and continue towards Ooty.

4. Mumbai to Goa

This is one of the most popular Royal Enfield Adventure Motorcycle Tours India that you should give a try, atleast once in lifetime. This route, i.e. NH17 offers you a chance to explore the west coastline of India. So, if you wish to experience the thrill of riding on foreign roads, this is the perfect trip that you must be planning next.

5. Darjeeling to Sikkim

This route is ideal for you, if you love scenic beauty. It may start from Siliguri and end at Yuksom, passing through Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Gangtok and Pelling. The best part of this tour is that you can get on the trip all year round. So, whenever you feel like you want some break, get your bike and vroom of to this amazing route.

Schedule Your Next Trip

India is a beautiful destination that will offer you great surprises at every nook of it. So, if you would sit and count the number of biking tours that India can offer, it would result into a giant list. For now, try out these amazing places/ routes and when you are done with them, plan your next trip to a series of other routes that will be as exciting as these are. So, start vrooming..!!

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