6 Gadgets Showcased at IFA 2015, Berlin in the Entire Week

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Today is the last day at IFA 2015, (Europe’s flagship technology show) where different gadgets got unveiled and showcased by the gadget makers.

For the holiday shopping season, there are 6 highlights that you must know:

1. Revo Build

Revo Build is a module computer launched by Acer. It is priced at under $200. A power bank or a portable hard drive can be added to the black base unit, in order to charge certain smartphones, wirelessly.

2. Mate S

This handset has been launched by Huawei starting at $650. Initially, this handset is not available in the US. Along with some impressive specs, this phone can also be used as a scale to weigh different objects.

3. VivoStick

Launched by ASUS, this gadget can be easily plugged into any particular modern TV. The users can also use it as a computer. It has varied features, such as 2GB of RAM, Wi-Fi, two USB ports, Bluetooth 4, Intel Cherry Trail chip, 32 GB of storage and an audio jack. It would be available at just $129.

4. Xperia Z5

Sony has launched 3 new models in the Xperia Z line, i.e. standard, compact and premium. All the Z5 models have better low-light settings, 23 megapixel camera, fingerprint sensor, 0.03 second autofocus and better algorithms.

5. Turntable

Panasonic unveiled the new Technics turntable at the IFA fair, but the final product would not get ready till next year, as the needle is still being developed.

6. Snap Camera

Polaroid unveiled its latest Snap Camera at $99. The company hopes to boost its sales with this instant camera.

With each click, an instant print of the photo would be made available to the users with just 50 sheets of special paper, which would cost under $30.

This technology show in berlin has surely brought some excellent gadgets for the users to relish for lifetime.

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