6 Most Popular Indian Temples with Uncommon Deities and Offerings

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Do you know some popular temples in India are known for their uncommon deities and offerings? India is a land of temples. At every destination, you will find some great temples.

But, there are some temples that are unusual in many ways. So, you must definitely visit them once in lifetime:

1. Bullet Baba Temple

This is a famous temple in Rajasthan and the unusual deity here is a bullet bike. This temple has the history of ‘Om Banna’ behind it. While he was driving his bullet bike, he died. So, this temple is dedicated to him. As per records, when the bike was taken to the police station after the death of Om Banna. It kept disappearing. Thus, this bike is worshipped there.

2. Hawaijahaj Gurudwara

Hawaijahaj Gurudwara or the Shaheed Baba Nihal Singh Gurudwara is known to fulfill the wishes of those who desire to go abroad and struggling for the visa. This Gurudwara is near Jhalandhar.

3. Kal Bhairav Temple

This temple is located in Ujjain and the devotees here offer liquor bottles to the Kal Bhairav. Not just this, the liquor is also distributed as ‘prasad’ in the temple.

4. Modi Temple

This temple is in Gujarat and is dedicated to the current Prime Minister Narendra Modi. People from the neighboring villages also visit this temple for worshipping.

5. Karni Mata Temple

This temple is a temple of rats. Here the rats are protected and if you kill any rat, then you will be fined and asked to provide a rat of gold. White, brown and black rats are considered to be very sacred here.

6. Sonia Gandhi Temple

In India, you will also find a temple dedicated to Sonia Gandhi in Mahbubnagar, Telengana. Some of the highlights of this temple are the statue of Sonia Gandhi, portraits of Rajiv Gandhi, Indira Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi.

Whenever you visit India, do not forget to visit these temples, as they are truly amazing in themselves. Experiencing the aura by yourself would be a treat to eyes.

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