A Glimpse of Narendra Modi’s Visit to France

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Shri Narendra Modi, the prime minister of India, visited France, for discussing several aspects related to stronger India-France ties. The visit marks a significant shift in ties with France. This visit would always be remembered in the history of India, because of the following reasons:-

1. Augmenting Nuclear Energy Capabilities

Signing a MoU, to manufacture large forgings and vessels and in India gave a huge progression to the “Make in India” scheme. Besides this, it also lists India amongst the few countries that possess this technical capability, thereby opening up new avenues opportunities for India. The project is supposed to enhance our independence in peaceful initiation of nuclear energy program.

2. Air Capabilities

The Prime Minister seriously concerned about the defence sector shortages. Therefore, he took a decision to deal for the procurement of Rafale aircrafts, certified by the Indian Air Force. The discussion resulted into a commitment from the French that they will deliver 36 aircrafts in record time and at considerable improved terms.

3. Upgrade NSA-Level Dialogue

Keeping the security issues in mind, it was decided to intensify the bilateral co-operation in various areas, including cyber, maritime and space security. For enhanced intelligence co-operation, it was also agreed to work out appropriate mechanisms.

4. Combating Trans-Border Terrorism

France entirely supported India’s commitment towards countering trans-border terrorism. In dialogues with the President of the National Assembly, President Hollande of France and various other important leaders, it was asserted that the terrorists of 26/11 Mumbai attack should not be permitted to move freely.

5. Agreements between CNES and ISRO

To reinforce cooperation in Space, three agreements were signed between CNES and ISRO to allow joint launch and fabrication of satellites.

Addressing towards the mutual relationship between France and India, Mr. Narendra Modi says that there is no sphere where both the countries are not co-operating with each other.

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