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Gaining the Centre’s in-principle approval, Himachal Pradesh will now witness some new national highways. Actually, 17 new national highways are going to be built in this state.

As per reports, the length of the road would be around 1368.20 kms. However, Nitin Gadkari wishes to convert this length into 1500 km. but, this would be initiated only after consulting with the MPs.

Further, it is said that the new highways will include stretches from the state highways:

■ 14Km Takshal-Nogli
■ 47Km Ranital-Kotla
■ 153Km Chailla-Sarahan-Narayangarh
■ 57Km Bhota-Nerchouk
■ 118Km Neripul-rajgarh-Banethi
■ 78Km Narkanda-Rohru
■ 62Km Rohru- Bhalidhar-Kiari-Kotkhai
■ 125Km Mandi-Chailchouk-Nagan
■ 106Km Taradevi-Nalagarh-Ghanouli

Reports suggest that if the HP government helps in land acquisition, the ministry will undertake the widening of every national highway.

It is also said that electric transportation system is also encouraged in Himachal Pradesh.

Gadkari further says that Lithium batteries have been developed by ISRO. They are estimated to be 30% cheaper than the European version. Hence, if the commercial production gets a boost, India will enjoy electric buses on vary nominal rates.

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