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Samsung has launched its Z3 model in India at Rs. 8,490. With the introduction of this new smartphone, people seem to be very curious to know its new features and specifications.

According to reports, this phone will go on sale probably by the next week. The sale of this phone would be done through both offline retail channels and online platform Snapdeal.

The Z3 features a typical Samsung design but there are sensors and front-facing camera placed differently. Further, it also has a new home button.

The home button is flat oval-shaped.

Specific features:

• A bigger 5 inches screen
• Power button on the right
• Volume buttons on the left
• The new Z3 is a bit slimmer than the previous Z1. Thus, it provides a better grip
• It has color variants for black, gold and silver
• 1GB of RAM
• 8GB of built-in storage
• 5-megapixel front-facing camera
• 8-megapixel rear camera
• Two Micro-SIM slots
• Runs on Tizen 2.4
• Replaceable 2600mAh battery
• Static interface with circular app icons

The MixRadio app was the highlight of the launch event. This app would provide access to nearly 30 million songs for life for free. This would be provided only to the Samsung Z3 users.

The company also launched ‘My Galaxy app’ that categorizes the deals and discounts in 4categories, i.e. Home, Care, Services and My Page.

According to reports, the Z3 doesn’t offer 4G, which is a common feature demanded these days.

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