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Greeting someone is the most important thing that one must know before travelling to a foreign country. Every country follows its unique style of greeting a guest. This is important to avoid any kind of awkward situation.

Here are different ways of greeting a person followed in 12 different countries across the globe:

1. Japan

In Japan, people use to bow to one another while meeting. A bow is there style of greeting individuals.

2. France

Kissing on the cheek is a way of greeting people in France. Generally there are two kisses but it may vary as per the region. While greeting a French person, you must offer your right cheek and let the person lead.

3. The Philippines

In the Philippines, when people greet elders, they hold their hand and press their knuckles against the forehead. This is considered as a sign of respect.

4. Argentina

If you have to greet an individual, belonging to Argentina a light kiss on the right cheek is what you need to do to show respect and warmth. Just press your cheek lightly against the right cheek of the person.

5. Russia

A firm handshake is a standards and way of greeting for men in Russia.

6. India

In India, people place their palms together in a praying position and slightly bow and say “Namaste.”

7. Tibet

Sticking the tongue out is the common tradition of greeting someone in Tibet. This tradition references Lang Darma (the Tibetan king), who was said to have a black tongue and known for his evil ways.

8. Greenland

The way of greeting followed in green land is typically done with those people who are very close to you. Place your upper lip and nose against the forehead or cheek of the person and then take a breath. It is known as ‘Kunik’.

9. Thailand

Bow your head and fold your palms together at the chest so that your fingertips touch the forehead and your thumbs touch the chin.

10. Botswana

Extend your right hand and take the other person’s hand in a position of handshake. Then grip the other person’s hand to interlock and raise the right arm. Finally, come back to the position of handshaking for another shake. For breaking the handshake, click the thumbs together and bring your arm towards the heart.

11. New Zealand

Known as hongi, this traditional ggreeting in New Zealand is performed by pressing your forehead and nose to another person’s nose and forehead.

12. Ukraine:

In Ukraine, never pull back after a kiss on each of the cheeks. The kiss must be done three times – left, right, and left.

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