An SMS Will Now Keep You Informed about Cars, DL and Vehicle RCs

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An SMS will now keep you informed about cars, DL and vehicle RCs and others. A web-enabled application has been introduced that offers comprehensive details about drivers and vehicles. 

Suppose, if you are purchasing a used vehicle, you can check details about it, by sending SMS to 7738299899. Not just this, the driving licence can also be verified.

It is said that this move will be beneficial for those who prefer to hire vehicles. This will help the users to confirm the credentials of vehicles and drivers.

The transport ministry was receiving many queries related to vehicles and drivers. So, NIC (National Informatics Centre) developed this application to help the users.

The users will be able to get limited information free of cost that may include place of registration, chassis, validity and engine numbers for RCs.

For driving licence, one may get info on validity, place of issue and bearer’s name.

If you wish to get details on registration certificates, just SMS ‘VAHAN’ and vehicle RC number to 7738299899.

For DL, send SARDL to 8790499899.

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