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Google’s chief executive officer, Sundar Pichai declared that android would be available in 11 new languages by the next month. The new languages will also include Gujarati, as one of the new languages.

This was announced when PM Modi headquarters in California’s Mountain View to promote the Digital India initiative.

This new addition of languages will surely bring some unmatched benefits with it. As Modi always promotes Hindi language, this addition of 11 languages would be beneficial both for the native customers as well as for the growth of language.

Mr. Pichai also announced that in a partnership with the Indian Railways, Google would also provide WiFi facilities or wireless Internet at 100 railway stations across India.

This number is expected to increase to 400 by the next year.

Recently, Indian Railways was planning to launch mobile app for season and monthly tickets. If WiFi facilities will also be provided at the stations, then this would be a boon to the passengers.

Further, the Prime Minister was delighted to be a part of the tour of Googleplex.

Here, he was shown, some of the most unequalled researches performed by the search engine giant.

Some of them are: the Google Earth, Hackathon, lens that measure glucose levels and the Project Iris.

The Prime Minister said that the Hackathon culture should be encouraged in India.

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