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Apple news service is soon going to be launched this month on iPads and iPhones. The company has partnered with more than 50 companies, including National Geographic and CNN, thereby representing various outlets.

After triple bad news for iPhone 6s and 6s plus lovers, this news is certainly a fresh and a pleasant news for Apple users.

This news service is regarded as the part of free software update. Therefore, no downloading would be required.

Here are 4 amazing things that apple lovers will certainly prefer to read:

1. How It Would Work For You

You can start by choosing latest news topics, including ‘science’, ‘cooking’. You will get customized news feed. Simply by tapping on any topic, you will get the entire story. If you wish to search for stories, you can easily do that and even the option for liking and sharing stories is also available. Further, you can also read the news offline, by saving them.

2. What’s the Cost

This service is free of cost. The outlets which charge for online access, such as The New York Times are providing a selection of their top stories for free. This is a great sign for apple. Just like the increased shipment of apple watch, this service will also be loved by the users. Moreover, Apple has allowed ad-blocking technology in the Safari Web browser. The outlets get 70% for the ads that apple sells.

3. Privacy

Apple will keep track of what you read regularly. This would help in tailoring advertisement and making recommendations. Your reading habits will not be linked to other services, such as Music. If you wish, you can turn the ad targeting off and clear the entire reading history.

4. News Sources

A media analyst says that apple’s news service is a new way through which users will get the latest news, as there are other news sources such as Facebook’s Instant Articles, SnapChat’s Discover etc. apple says that users will not have to find for the news. They will get everything that they want to.

This service will surely help you experience a unique pleasure in reading your favorite topics and stories.


Apple news services will be launched soon this month on iPads and iPhones, as the part of software update and also in partnership with 50 companies.

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