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In the wearable market, Apple’s smart watch has become second only to Fitbit in the shipments of wearable. In the April-June quarter, Fitbit shipped almost 3.6 million units, as per a research.

While, in the second quarter of 2015, the tech giant Apple is only 0.8 million units behind the shipments of Fitbit, that made shipments for 4.4 million units.

The research described that Apple started to sell its smart watch in markets like Hong Kong, US, France, China and Australia in April. But the report does not clearly tell about the sales in China, as of now due to market saturation in china.

An increment of 223.2% was witnessed in the global wearable shipment in 2015 for April-June quarter. It increased from 5.6 million units to 18.1 million units.

The manager of the research firm said that whenever Apple enters into a new market, it benefits multiple players and attracts huge attention towards itself. Thus, its participation drives total volumes higher.

He adds that Apple would become the pillar around which various other wearable would be measured. Thus, vendors will have to stay ahead or in line with Apple.

Two out of every three smart wearables that were shipped during this quarter was an Apple Watch. Few months back, Apple also decided to bring iPhone plant in India. Hopefully, the sales of iPhone devices would boost significantly after that.

Although, Fitbit outshipped Apple but the tech giant Apple can be easily expected to become the next wearable market leader for sure.

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