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With a view to attract and retain women employees, Flipkart is offering maternity benefits packages across different levels.

The online retailer declared that the women employees will now get paid leave for six months plus flexible working option with pay to the mothers for four months. Not just this, the company has also extended the maternity leave of up to 1 year without pay. After this period, the mothers have provision to return to the available jobs at that point of time.

Also the new package showcases a transport reimbursement benefit of INR 600/day during the last 2 months of pregnancy. A reserved parking slot is also entitled to the pregnant women for 2 months, before and after the child delivery. Furthermore, Flipkart is also deciding to pay 50% of day care charges for children up to 4 years of age.

Most of the employers offer 3 months of paid maternity leave. Hence, such a maternity leave package is truly unmatched in India Inc.

Flipkart has decided to hire more women candidates, especially in leadership roles. This will tap into the key inputs that only women can render in the ecommerce revolution.

The company is looking to add a significant percentage of women to the board of directors, as there are no women yet to represent the board.

According to a report released by Google, women will be the major contributors in the e-commerce market in India that is poised to have a 100-million customer base.

In order to evaluate hiring & promotion of candidates, the company recently formed a group of senior members who will relook into the maternity and women’s policies.

Only a handful of Indian companies offer a few such benefits. No company has yet put all this together into such a substantial maternity benefits package.

Almost 48% of the women executives drop out of the workplace just because of motherhood and related reasons. Such a unique maternity policy will be a significant cost saving for the company.

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