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Global businesses may now speak in different 122 Indian languages, with a view to cater the faster growing online population in India. Everybody is well aware of the domination of English language in the global business world. This is clearly evident with the move that Volkswagen (the German car company) changed its language to English.

On contrary to this, reports have found that the local language speakers in India are adopting the internet technology at a very rapid pace, thereby outpacing the English language speakers. This in turn is opening new routes to success for the Indian languages translation service providers.

This increasing online population is a major reason for global companies to pay attention towards the language kaleidoscope of India. There are almost 122 widely spoken languages, 22 official languages, nearly 1,600 dialects and a number of writing systems with unique fonts.

Foreign businesses, which plan to translate their websites into different Indian languages, generally prefer a mix of Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, Tamil, Punjabi, Marathi, Oriya, Gujarati, Malayalam, Urdu, and Telugu.

In short, it is a good news for translation businesses, as there would lots of work lining up for them. Reaching the major population of India, who do not speak or understand English, would be impossible without the help of translators. The sole purpose behind translation would be the urgent need of businesses to make themselves clearly understood by the local speakers.

Google too, has been in the race to add more of Indian language dialects to its translation software. Not just this, a number of companies have come up with an idea to create their apps in different languages spoken locally. According to market experts, this move is certainly a great investment, as the number of internet users in India was more than 460 million, as of July 2016. This number is expected to grow quickly and might outrun the number of English speakers.

By 2019, Digital India campaign is planning to connect the rural India to the internet world. Companies like, Microsoft, Google and Facebook have participated in this move since 2015. With this effort, a number of Indians switch online with handheld devices.

In short, companies will have to speak the local language of the people, in order to win the hearts of the target and potential consumers.

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