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These days, people in Delhi and NCR are talking about the diesel car ban and new CNG taxis in Delhi. The ban on registration of new diesel vehicles and the sales of diesel cars is a matter of concern for both the customers and the companies that offer diesel cars.

The issue of pollution in Delhi is not an unknown problem. It is a big matter that has not been solved yet. Thus, with such measures, the government is hoping that the level of pollution in Delhi would see a decline. This ban is said to be imposed for three months, i.e. till march 31, 2016.

The duration of three months would be an enough time period to judge the outcome of the measures taken. Thus, in this time period, no new diesel car would be registered or sold in Delhi.

On one hand, where this ban is regarded as a solution to Delhi pollution, on the other hand, it is no less than a jerk for the diesel car manufacturers.

According to reports, until the next hearing on January 6 for the registration ban on new diesel vehicles, the diesel car manufacturers might face a huge loss in the sales of cars. Almost 10,000 to 12,000 vehicles would not be sold.

Actually, the diesel cars emit more harmful gases and particulate matter than the petrol cars. Thus, this rule is strictly applicable for the diesel versions. Furthermore, the cars that have been registered before 2005 would not be allowed in Delhi. Not just this, the registration would not be renewed, if the car is more than 10 years old.

Big Companies That are Strongly Hit

As mentioned above, this decision would be a jerky one for the sales of cars, thus it is estimated that the brands that would be majorly hit, would be:

● Renault
● Ford
● Mercedes-Benz
● Honda
● Mahindra & Mahindra
● Hyundai
● Toyota

And others

If the court makes it a permanent ban, then it would badly impact the SUV and luxury car manufacturers. Mahindra & Mahindra faced big losses with shares getting down by 5.5%. 8% of the Toyota’s sales come from Delhi and almost 80% of the vehicles have a diesel engine.

Thus, no doubt, these manufacturers will face serious losses, if the rule gets permanent. They will have to think for an alternate solution.

This is not just the end, few weeks ago; odd and even traffic scheme was announced that is another step to curb the pollution issue in Delhi. This rule would be applicable for 15 days. After those 15 days, it would be further decided whether to make this rule permanent or not.

Whatever be the outcome of these measures, it is for sure that this time, the government is very serious and particular about solving this pollution issue and transform the capital into a green city.

Taxes Levied on Trucks

Not just the cars, the trucks are also prohibited to pass through the city, if they are more than 10 years old. Also, the tax levied on trucks has doubled.

Every goods-laden truck that is supposed to make deliveries in Delhi would have to pay twice the tax as before, i.e. almost $39 or 2,600 rupees.

The unladen vehicles that are bound for Delhi must enter the city by paying an Environment Compensation Cess of Rs.700 and Rs.1300 for light vehicles and four-axle vehicles respectively.

As per the orders of Supreme Court, any commercial vehicle that is not bound for Delhi should take the route of N.H 8 and N.H 1. The former connects Jaipur to Delhi and the latter connects Haryana, Punjab, and northern States to the capital city Delhi.

Taxis To Be Converted To CNG

The Supreme Court has also ordered that all the taxis must be converted to CNG, as only CNG taxis would be allowed to enter in Delhi and the NCR region. The court has also given a deadline of March 31.

So, by March 31, every taxi would be converted into CNG vehicle. This effort is also inclined towards solving the pollution issue.

The taxis operated by Uber and Ola will have remove the diesel engine and convert into CNG. Further, the court has also ordered not to burn the solid waste.

Thus, the Delhi government and varied local bodies will ensure that the solid waste is disposed off in a manner that is non-hazardous.

Also, immediate steps would be taken for the procurement of vacuum cleaning vehicles, as they would be used on Delhi roads. According to the court, this step should be taken before April 1, 2016.

The court also asked to enforce the norms laid by Central Pollution Control Board. The norms include putting curtains at varied construction sites. This will help in reducing pollution.

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