Deities at Jagannath Dham on Complete Rest for 15 Days

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Reports say that the Jagannath Dham deities will be on complete rest for 15 days. They are under medication these days. Shocked??

The devotees visiting the Jagannath Dham temple at sector – 7 are not able to have darshan of the Lord, as these days the Lord is sick and thus, will not be able to attend the devotees.

This is nothing to be surprised on. It is actually an annual practice that represents the old age custom seen at Jagannath temple in Puri.

Here, in this temple, the Lord is considered to reside in human form. Therefore, it is said that all the natural laws followed by the human beings are also applicable to the almighty.

Hence, the Lord, here bears all such sufferings as his subjects do.

On ‘jyeshtha poornima’ Lord Jagannath had a grand bath of 35 ‘swarna ghats’. He was then, seated over a swarna simhasana, i.e. a throne. Here, he was served with ‘aam-ras’.

The consumption of mango juice and prolonged bath made him fall sick. Thus, according to the president of the Jagannath Dham, he will be served with herbal medicines for 15 days.

Now, the reopening ceremony of the temple would take place on ‘Aashad Shukla Ekam’. On this day, the Lord, along with his siblings Balbhadra and Subhadra will be taken out on a rath. ‘Aashad Shukla Ekam’ will fall on July 5.

Further, 21 varieties of delicacies would be served to the Lord, when the temple reopens.

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