Delhi Govt Announces “Dilli Bazaar” E-commerce Portal for Traders in the City

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On this Wednesday, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced that markets in Delhi will be given an opportunity to get a global reach with the “Dilli Bazaar” portal. The portal aims to be a virtual store for shop owners, traders, and service providers to not only display their products but also sell them across the world.

The industries department has approached many popular agencies to submit an “expression of interest-cum-request for qualification” in partnering to operate, design, and maintain Dilli Bazaar which is hoped to be ready by August next year.

DDC Vice-chairperson Jasmine Shah has shown concern for businesses that lack online reach and presence. For them, the Delhi Govt has taken an initiative to build Dilli Bazaar that will promote local businesses by providing them access to wider markets.

With that, Shah also said- “Government will help sellers set up their virtual shops at no cost and DDC will include 3 months consultation exercise with various e-commerce platforms, associations, logistic providers and so on to create an effective roadmap for Dilli Bazaar”.

Officials involved in the project have presented Dilli Bazaar as a state-of-the-art e-marketplace that will empower businesses in Delhi to grow globally. The user-friendly platform will be designed with top-notch technology to improve the digital presence of local businesses that includes wholesalers, traders, service providers, manufacturing units, and so on.

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