Delhi Metro Fare Hike Make Short Distance Travel Easier

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The hike in fares of Delhi metro has made short distance travel much better than the longer ones. This is because the gap between the fares of short and long distance has widened by multiple times.

Studies have found that people who used to travel through metro for long distance are now travelling through buses, due to sudden price hike. No wonder, the price hike has pinched the pockets of both short distance travellers and long distance travellers. But, the hike for long distance is more as compared to that of short distance.

Studies say that the gap between the long and short distance travel was smaller in 2009. However, the difference increased after the fare revision last week.

According to Anuj Dayal, the executive director, corporate communications, the long distances would be cut more than half, after the completion of the third phase. So, travelling will become easier for people and the distances are expected to be by approximately 15 to 25 kilometres. With this, we can see that India is evolving. Like earlier there was an initiative taken to efficiently explore the Indian roads on Bullock cart through satellites, now we are moving towards giving convenience to commuters.

On May 8, DMRC stated that the fare hike was necessary due to many factors, such as cost of energy, staff salaries and cost involved in repair & maintenance.

Dayakl further adds that they have re-paid only Rs 2,982 crore of the loan due to Japan International Cooperation Agency. They also have to manage the depreciation costs.

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