Embark on a Journey with the World’s Largest Cruise Ship

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Now, it’s time to embark on a journey with the world’s largest cruise ship that will start to sail this year in the month of May. If you are planning for a big holiday with your family, then nothing can be better than this cruise ship. All the luxuries and the scenic beauty of the ocean will truly mesmerize your senses.

According to reports, this ship has been built by the Royal Caribbean International. The trial run has been completed and it is expected that the travellers would be able to board the ship from the month of May, this year.

Further, one of the biggest highlights that’s making it a hot topic is the dimensions of the cruise ship.

The key dimensions or the features are:

  • The ship is 1,187 feet high
  • It weighs around 2,27,000 tons
  • It can accommodate 2,000 crew members and 5,479 passengers

Not just this, it is considered to be longer than the giant Eiffel Tower, almost by 124 feet.

After the ship would be ready to sail, the passengers will be provided with GPS-style wrist trackers. This will help the passengers to find their way in the ship. Utilizing the multilingual signboards on public locations has become a common trend. But, using such advanced technology, i.e. the GPS trackers would greatly help the passengers onboard.

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