Every Indian Will Now Have an iPhone 6S, 6S Plus by October 16

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Apple will soon launch its iPhone 6S and 6S Plus on 16th of October in India. So, every citizen in India will now be able to buy their favorite, much awaited phone on October 16.

It would be a big midnight launch on October 16th. The company has also informed its retailers and trade partners in India about the launch.

This launch basically aims to boost the sales by 50-60%.

Actually the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus were launched for the public on September 25, but it was not available in India. Thus, now, even the Indians would be able to carry a new smartphone.

From the first week of October, the pre-booking orders will be started.

The company has asked the big local stores and premium resellers to start the pre-booking orders. Hence, book your iPhone now.

But before your book your phone, you must download iOS 9 for sure.

Further, While Apple has not yet announced the price of both the phones in India.

However, it is estimated that iPhone 6s (16 GB) would be priced nearly Rs 55,000-56,000. On the other hand, iPhone 6s Plus (16 GB) would be priced nearly Rs 65,000-66,000.

People always look for the cheapest phone that offers them both qualitative features at just nominal rates. Since, the prices of the phones are not announced. Hence, it would be mystery that what these phones would cost to the Indian citizens.

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