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Manali, the most evergreen honeymoon destination in India has an outstanding heritage and history. This place is a merge of adventure, spirituality, and even horror. Below, we bring you some interesting information about Manali.

While Manali according to popular surmise is overrun and commercial, it still retains a nerve that is regarding solitude about stunning vistas that are as intact as the snow on its mountains. Here a walk among the apple orchards with the gurgling Beas running alongside and stay at a Manali hotel can be as rewarding as a stroll down the old Manali road searching for knickknacks. And when you have worked enough, take yourself at a Bakery or a very cozy café, and enjoy waffles, croissants, and coffee with your soulmate.

Aside from these beautiful things and leisurely about Himalayan hill town, there are some major information that you need to be aware of, if you are planning to visit Manali.

How Manali Got Its Name

Manali is named after Saint Manu, and basically translated into Manu-alaya, that means home to Manu. Legend has it that saint Manu came to Manali and then meditated here to re-develop the human life after it was washed out in the floods. You will see a temple to saint Manu in the Old Manali area.

Ranking and Other Info

Ranked as the number one hill stations or destinations in Himachal Pradesh, Manali is certainly a location that you cannot afford to miss.

Listed below are some of basic facts that you must keep in mind:

State: Himachal Pradesh
District: Kullu
Altitude: 2050 m
Language spoken: Mandiali (pahari language variation), Hindi and Basic English
Weather info: Winter -1 to 18°C; Summer 23 to 36°C
Pincode: 175131
STD code: 01902


This destination is believed to derive its name from Manu. Manu is considered to be the lawgiver of lord brahma. According to legends, the world was once deluged by a great flood. Manu along with the gods were rescued to a dry ground. This area where Manu found shelter was Manali. It is said that human life was recreated by him in Manali. This destination is popularly known as Valley of Gods.


Manali is a colorful and vibrant destination with a colorful bouquet of cultures. The population here consists of local Pahadis, Hindus, Christians, Tibetans and Punjabis. Thus, you may come across varied types of art, festivals and social customs of Manali. Further, ethnic tribes such as Kinnaur and Gujjar are also found.

Pull up your socks for a romantic time out with your beloved. Here are some major highlights to go through –

What to Expect: Beas River, Shopping, Snow, Trekking, Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal Ranges, Paragliding, Café Culture, River Rafting, Temples And Hiking.

How to Travel to Manali: if traveling through air, the nearest airport to Manali is at Bhuntar; and if travelling through bus, Private and state-run buses travel through well connected destinations. Air-conditioned Volvo coaches are also ideal.

Interesting Facts about Manali

1. Rich heritage

Legend says that Manali has been named after Manu, the legendary personality of the Hindu ancient scriptures, who is said to be the progenitor of the human race. Also, it is believed that the Saptarishis had lived here.

2. Mini Israel

As you step in Kasol town near Manali in Himachal Pradesh, you will see tents queues as well as motorcycles standing in front of them. The complete menu in the restaurant is in Hebrew. Here you hear “shalom” inspite of Namaskar and, you will observe many Israelis while walking. This is the reason why that area is known as Mini Israel. Here the Tibetan or say Star of David Israeli flags are observed waving in the evening breeze. Going forward you will also observe Khabad house that is the Jewish cultural site. That gorgeous building has wooden floors as well as benches. There is a young rabbi too.

3. A ghost temple on Gata Loops

On the Manali-Leh road at a height of around 17000 ft above sea level are 21 sharp hair pin bend like roads known as Gata loops. At one such road is situated a ghost temple dedicated to a person who died of thirst and hunger about 3 decades ago whole stranded in a truck all alone. To pacify the spirit of the man, every person has to provide a bottle of water as well as a pack of cigarettes or face disastrous situations.

4. Rohtang- A popular skiing destination despite what the name means

Do you know the word Rohtang translated into heap of dead bodies? It have this scary impression after the number of people that have died unable to manage the harsh weather conditions in a bid to cross this stretch. Rohtang is very susceptible to snow storms and flurries, owing to which most weather advisories are issued to tourists visiting the location. On the flipside, the location is great for careering down the slopes on a ski. Even people who never skied can also ski here, for there are very trained instructors as well as gear at their disposal.

Location and weather

Manali holds 3 adjacent to each other, each having a village as well as an old shrine. Manali is the coldest place in India with temperatures in winter dropping at a massive level.

Things to do
Trek and then enjoy beautiful sight of peaks, glaciers and river Chandra at Rohtang Pass.
Night stay in tents at Gallant thatch or Lambagug, do not miss out on animal sightings and a very romantic evening with your partner at the Manali Sanctuary.
Enjoy indoor sports and picnic at the Club House.
Rediscovered and re-live your spiritual side at the Vashisht hot water springs and temples.

So, you need to have quite a lot patience and take some winter clothes and eatables along with you. You may also het mountain sick here as it is at a high altitude, therefore please take some medicines with you but let it not dampen your spirit. If you are coming during summer you will get snow in Rohtang Pass. Enjoy your honeymoon…


Traveling is super great for your health. Therefore choose Manali as your honeymoon destination, book your ticket and get ready by packing your bags. Adventure is waiting for you out there. Apart from Manali, if you are traveling to any foreign place, you might need to translate some of your documents that might be necessary to have a peaceful holiday there. Tridindia is an experienced company that can provide your translation at an affordable price. We have a team of professionals who can bring accuracy in translation.

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