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To become a mobile newsstand for its users, Facebook is going to introduce instant articles feature on its Facebook mobile app.

Introduced 5 months ago, this feature was not available to a great proportion of users. But, now tis would reach to more users.

With this feature people will now be able to read the complete news, scan latest headlines, watch videos of news and so on.

News on Apple iPhone models would also be available, according to Facebook.

After displacing the instant messenger services, blogs, albums etc, it would now replace a paperboy, i.e. this feature is expected to deliver equivalent news as in the newspapers.

According to Facebook, what makes this feature more compelling is that the stories in the Instant Articles are available in the news feed on the mobile app. The user will not have to surf the internet for reading news.

As per reports, Facebook would publish almost 1000 articles in partnership with National Geographic, CNET, Time and USA Today.

Further, it is estimated that as the number of users using the app would increase, the company would make more money. But, recently there was a report that Facebook app drains battery of the smartphones to the maximum extent. However, it might get fixed soon.

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