Fall In Rupee Made the Foreign Tourists Inflows Rise by 15-20%

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The recent fall in rupee against the US dollar, have made the foreign tourists inflow to increase by almost 15 to 20%. Actually the arrivals of foreign tourists in the past five years have grown to about 10%. But due to the sharp fall in rupee, coupled with e-tourist visa facility that is extended to 77 countries by the government, the number of tourists from UK, US and Europe might result in a 15-20% boost in tourists’ inflows in the upcoming season.

Thus, the fall has paved the way for huge revenue for the domestic tourism industry.

On one hand, the inbound tourism industry is actually rejoicing about the sharp fall in rupee, while in the other hand, the outbound tour operators are encountering huge concerns, as they will have to pay or cough up more at the current exchange rates on the foreign trips.

iTraveller (Travel startup) has witnessed many queries for drop in foreign destinations to 18% in August from 25% in the month of June.

Tour operators sat that the fall in rupee resulted in making expenses like local transfers and accommodation in the outbound tours. This is because the hotels and destinations overseas usually quote their prices in US dollars.

The on-ground expenses for destinations, like Hong Kong, Malaysia, Turkey, Thailand, South Africa and Far East may get cheaper. The only reason being the cheaper food and accommodation. Although the travel companies did not witness any major cancellations for the foreign trips, yet some travellers are reworking or re-planning their trips, in order to just focus on domestic destinations.

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