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The game, Pokemon Go, is being played by millions of people worldwide and it’s definitely the biggest hit than Mario. The surprising thing is that it has more active users as compare to Facebook and other social networking sites. The game is interactive and battling is something that most of us would definitely do. That’s why, keeping the interest of gamer, we are bringing some tips on how to battle with Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Things to Know Before You Battle

How to Install: The starting process is very simple. At first, you need to open your play store and install Pokemon go game from there. Please note that installing application from outside playstore is not recommended as it could be infected.

How to Catch Pokemon: Once the setup is done, it’s time to catch your first Pokemon creature. You need to active your GPS and data to pin point your location. To find Pokemon you need to click on bottom right corner of your screen. Once the Pokemon appears you need to throw poke balls to catch them.

Evolving and Training: You as a trainer have to train and evolve their power at each level. Every Pokemon has their type of candy that you need to feed them.

Pokestops: Marked as a blue towers, Pokestops are the place to get free items such as Poke Balls, Eggs and more. You need to Tap on it and flip them to get freebie.

Play Safe: Though the game is interesting and require travelling, but we would recommend you to play out of harm’s way and ensure your safety first. Some people were robbed at gunpoint and that’s why it is important to be cautious.

Starting battle in Pokemon Go

Get yourself ready it’s a combat time. At initial, the only way to battle is through Gym. You first need to find a Gym, find the nearest one close by to you. Once you find, travel to that Gym and click on it to open. This will shows Pokemon you can fight their power levels, GYM level and its prestige level. Once you select your rival, pick out your best Pokemon to win over.

How to Battle with Pokemon?

1. This is where things get wilder: Your Pokemon will be on foreground and enemy’s Pokemon in front of you. Once you’ve entered into battle, you need to continuously tap on the screen to attack other Pokemon.

2. Special Attack: There’s a blue bar beneath your Pokemon health bar. Once the blue bar is filled, you can use it to hit other Pokemon with special attack. Every Pokemon character has their special attack.

3. Dodging other attacks: One can swipe to left or right in order to defend rivalries attack. Attacking is bit easy but defending is bit tricky.

4. CP level of your Pokemon: This tells that how strong your Pokemon is compare to your rivalries Pokemon. You need to make sure that your Pokemon Cp is bigger than your Rivalries for easy winning.

Evading Attacks

Like we said above Attacking is easy but dodging other Pokemon attack is rather difficult. All you need is a little practice and guide, and you’re good to go.

1. Swipe Just After the Flash: There’s often a flashlight before enemy attack you. The best way to evade is to Swipe left or right just after the flashlight.

2. Evading regular attacks: Dodging continuous attack is rather difficult especially if it’s a rapid attack. The strategy here is to wait for big attacks as they are generally slower and can provide you enough room to avoid.

3. Time Your Special Attack: You must plan your special attack timely and accurately. The best way to do this is to attack other Pokemon right after you dodge. This is the most effective way to win over.

Importance of Battle in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Battle is the big part of the game and has several other perks that you may get from GYM’s.

• You’ll get Free Poke Coins: Defeating and winning over Pokemon is the best and only in game methods to earn free PokeCoins. More you win More the coins you’ll get

• Gain XP to Rank up Your Avatar: One you start winning, you’ll be able gain more points and level up your character as compare to other users. This is really useful in improving your avatar.

• Gym Prestige: Winning or losing directly impact GYM standing. In opposing team, your victory will result into losing GYM prestigious and vice- versa.


Practical give more knowledge then theory. Now that you’ve read every detail about Pokemon, it’s time to jump in the game and experience it yourself. At initially you might face difficulty to0 master but once you start playing you’ll find that it’s a very exciting game to be played with yur friends and families.

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