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mCent offers a messaging services that pays its users for sending messages to their friends. mCent is actually a mobile app that was launched in India in July 2014.

This app offers data credits to its users for performing certain things on internet.

The messaging service by mCent is text-focused. This service pays its users in the form of credits, which offset or counterbalances the data costs.

This is particularly a wise or important decision in markets where accessing the internet is hugely expensive for the users.

As per reports, 40% of the chunk of Indian smartphone owners does not invest in any data plan, because of the higher cost. Thus, if such service would be available to them, it would be easier for people to access internet without worrying about the data costs.

The Boston-based creator of mCent, known as ‘Jana’ made it easier for users to gift data credits to their friends or acquaintances within mCent.

Almost two dozen of the developing countries can leverage such a service.

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