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Users will now receive spoken traffic alerts on iOS and android phone through updated google maps. Not just the traffic conditions, but also the alternate routes would be suggested to the user. This will help the user to avoid going on busy routes.

Once you are entered to a destination on the app, you’ll be able to know the route to reach to the destination.

Further, you’ll be given proper explanations as to why a particular alternate route has been suggested to you.

Henceforth, it is estimated that users will get a big relief from the traffic jams.

If got stuck in a jam, they may also know the approx time duration they will have to spend in the jam.  Additionally, it is reported that both iOS and Android Phone users can use this feature. But, it would help you if the navigation mode is turned on.

This feature has been expanded to several markets, including india.

Hence, this feature can be very fruitful for the users.

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