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The Indian citizens will be able to get real time traffic updates by Google maps in 12 cities. Getting stuck in traffic jams is one of the most annoying and worst things that any individual faces. Thus, Google maps have finally added traffic information, so that the drivers could see the condition of traffic on the roads, including expressways and national highways.

The 12 cities comprises of:

Madurai Nagpur
Lucknow Kolkata
Ludhiana Surat
Indore Thiruvananthapuram
Kochi Coimbatore
Bhopal Visakhapatnam

To enable easier navigation for the drivers, the traffic layer represented on the map will be color coded. Red will define heavy congestion, orange would represent a medium traffic and green would mean that there are no traffic delays.

With this information, you will be able to re-estimate your arrival time to your home, office or for those who are expecting you. This will also help you to decide which route to take.

Google Maps’ Navigation mode will allow the users to use real-time traffic information to provide the list of alternative routes, if any alternative options would be available.

This is not only a great feature for the residents of the cities, but also for visitors who may be unknown about the usual traffic conditions in a particular area. One of the most attractive features is that it will be available for both desktop and mobile users.

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