Google to Get Narendra Modi Out Of the Criminal Search Line-Up

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Google was working out measures to get Mr. Narendra Modi out of the line-up criminal photos that are served in searches for “Top 10 Criminals.”

Google apologized for the misunderstanding or confusion caused by displaying Narendra Modi alongside the US mobster Al Capone.

These results do not reflect Google’s opinions, said the California-based Internet titan.

An AFP search for the top 10 criminals even showed US President Barack Obama in the photo results, in a row with another photo of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Google says that it is continually working to improve the algorithms, in order to prevent such unexpected results.

Last month, Google Maps apologized after it emerged that the online searches using racist language pinpointed towards the White House, i.e. the home of President Barack Obama. It was unclear and difficult to identify whether the outcome resulted from a duped or flawed search algorithm, or was caused by a user with crowd-sourced editing capabilities, to improve maps with local knowledge.

Google says in a statement that due to the surfacing of some inappropriate results in Google Maps, we apologize for any offense that may have caused due to this.

In April, someone revised the map for the White House in Washington and included a new business known as “Edwards Snow Den,” that leaked secret documents on US surveillance.

Google lets the users modify maps to make them more detailed and accurate. Hence, these pranks were done with the map making tools.

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