Hindi and English Get a New Face as ‘Hinglish’ in India

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You might have heard about Hindi and English languages. But, you may not have heard ‘Hinglish’ as any spoken in the world. However today, this new language is considered to be one of the most popular languages spoken in India.

Basically, the said language is a mixture of Hindi and English languages, i.e.

Hindi + English = Hinglish

Reports say that this new hybrid is increasingly popular among the entire population of India.

According to a writer David Astle, the fused language is helping Hindi to get a bit more glorious and glamorous using the English words into it. Often in many advertisements you may see that instead of using pure Hindi language or phrases, the marketers now use some pop phrases from English language. This is done in order to attract their audience.

On the other hand, Mr. David also believes that the new language has helped English words to get a unique, fresh and fun meaning to them. Thus, it can be said that fusing English words into Hindi is not just making the latter glamorous, but also helping the former a great to read.

Here are some of the words from Hinglish language that you must know –

• Airdash — hurry or short flight
• Prepone — to bring an event forward
• Co-sister — sister-in-law
• Co-brother — brother-in-law
• Filmi — glamorous
• Would-be — fiancé or fiancée
• Jungli — wild or unruly
• Cent per cent — definitely
• Timepass — idle distraction
• Glassi — thirsty
• Stadium — referred to a man with a large bald spot
• Chaivinist — a person with prejudiced and exaggerated love for chai
• Uncleji, Auntyji — a child’s close adult contacts

These hybrid words and the language introduce a refreshing way to use English words in a fun way. Also, the Indian brands are greatly using the fused language to appeal to their target masses.

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