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These days, the hot home buttons or Touch ID button in iPhone is seriously a hot topic in the market, after the record breaking sales of iPhone 6s and 6s plus.

Many users have complained that the home buttons becomes so hot that they cannot be touched. Thus, they become unusable.

The button that works as a fingerprint scanner is reported to become extremely hot.

Further, the users said that just the home button gets overheated and not the entire phone. Some users even gave a solution to the issue by saying that if one holds the power and home buttons together for nearly 10 seconds, then the phone can function as usual.

According to some marketers, few customers who had not purchased the new iPhone 6s are looking for some amazing iPhone 6s alternatives that are comparatively budget friendly.

Furthermore, it is seen that at one hand where few users are telling about the solution, on the hand, some users are portraying their rage about the hot home button.

9to5Mac noted that Apple (through software updates) addresses the early glitches in software promptly.

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