How to Avoid Salary Negotiation Mistakes during an Interview

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It has been surveyed that many candidates commit some salary negotiation mistakes during an interview. So, while you are appearing for an interview, it should be noticed that you do not make any mistake while negotiating your salary with the employer

This is how:

1. Do Not Think What’s Reasonable to You

This is a very common mistake that people ask for a salary rate that they think is reasonable for them, or what they think is the ideal rate for a specific job role. So, avoid this mistake, as salaries ranges from one job role to another and from one geographic area to another. Research, what is the salary rate of the job in your geographic area.

2. Do Not Believe, If It Isn’t in Writing

While negotiating the salary, your employer may convince you that your salary would be increased after six months or more. Do not believe in such claims, unless and until, the company gives it to you in writing.

3. Not Negotiating At All

Sometimes, it has been observed that people are quite afraid of negotiating, as they think that if they’ll negotiate and ask for more, they might lose the chance of getting selected. However, this is not true, unless and until you discuss the salary matter in a mature and pleasant manner.

4. Do Not Base Your Salary on the Past Salary

Your salary must not be based on what you earned in the past. This way you will let the new employer pay only what you were paid earlier. Try to ignore the question about the previous salary. You can tell them that such information should remain confidential, as per the terms of the old company. Or whatever be the case, just make sure that you are paid higher than the past.

5. Providing a Salary Range

Do not ever provide salary range, as you might not be happy if the employer would select you for the lower end of the salary range that you provided.

So, next time, beware of such mistakes and crack thee interview with a perfect salary negotiation.

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