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The Diwali sale is on and people from all over the world are choosing from a variety of laptop, clothes and other stuff. In such a time, you must be also planning to purchase any accessory or gadget of your choice.

So, if this festive season, you wish to bring an efficient, yet budget-friendly laptop, then here is what you need to know, if a first time buyer:

1. RAM

A higher RAM is regarded as perfect for better efficiency of laptop. Hence, make sure you go for a higher RAM. The minimum RAM available today is 4GB.

2. Battery Life

The battery life of the laptop actually depends on how you use it. It might also happen that the battery life might not be the same, as it is claimed. You can look for universal charger that juice up different devices. This will help you save cost.

3. Display

The display of the laptop screen varies from one brand to another. Hence, you will have go for a thorough study of the display sizes. Generally, the size ranges from 11.6 to 17 inches. The most recommended display sizes are 14 orr13.3 inches because of their portability.

4. Processor and Operating System

The processors are very important to look at. You can either go for AMD Apu processors or new Intel core processors. Further, look for a laptop that has Windows preloaded in it. You can even ask for a laptop that has Windows 10 preloaded in it.

5. Number of Ports

At least 3 USB ports should be available in the laptop. If you need to connect it with a projector, then D-sub/VGA port should be available. Additionally, HDMI, Ethernet and SD card readers are a ‘must’ for laptops.

Hurry today to purchase your favorite laptop online or through a retail store. Make sure you keep tandem with different laptop brands.

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