How to Deal With Global Wannacry Ransomware Attack

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The world is shattered with the Wannacry Ransomware Attack and finding ways to protect their computers from this malicious cyber-attack. Studies say that this ransomeware has attacked almost 150 countries, along with the popular organizations – Renault, FedEx and National Health Service of Britain.

It was said that this malicious software asks for a ransom and could be in the form spam emails, job offers and others. The attackers are demanding for a minimum of $300 ransom to make the computers work again and let the owner access it again. Most of the companies have been known to pay the ransom in bitcoins.

The malware encrypts the data and does not allow access to the owner, unless the owner agrees to pay up.
How to Protect?

• To protect your computers from this ransomware, it is important to make sure that te software of your device is up to date. Using the Software Update feature on a Mac or the Windows Update can help you stay away from such problems.

• Another way to protect your computers is to identify the important files and keep backups. You can store them in your hard drive or use cloud-based storage services.

• While you are at your workplace, see to it that the devices in your organization are protected from WannaCry.

• Try to use a password manager. This will help you to track all the passwords for each of your services.

• Try to avoid unexpected emails.

• To keep an evidence of fraudulent activity, check the credit and medical reports

According to an expert at the digital security, both phishing and ransomware follow the same trajectory. The criminals know types of businesses can pay and how they can monetize the crime.

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