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These days thousands of people in India are saving 89% on the latest new released gadgets. Thus, today many people are grabbing the amazing gadgets just at a fraction of the actual market retail price.

The credit for this goes to MadBid that is a new site, offering the latest and trendy tablets and phones at unbelievable rates. Whether you desire to but modern smartphones or any other gadget, this site can offer exciting deals to you.

MadBid actually buys liquidation stock and India warehouse closeout in big bulk at rock bottom prices. After that, they pass on the gadgets with huge discounts on them to their valuable customers.

They can even make profit by selling the brand new iPhone 6s and 6s plus for as little as $40.

Here are some steps to start bidding at MadBid:

1# First of all, sign up at and then look around on the website. After that you will have to purchase credits, in order to place the bids.

2# Start bidding on the product that you like. Make sure that you place the bids, before the auction actually runs out.

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3# If you won the auction, you will require to provide your complete address details.

It just takes few weeks for MadBid to get the latest items, just after the release dates. But, it is for sure that the prices of the latest products definitely make up for the time taken.

So, as soon as a gadget release, after few weeks, you can grab them at affordable rates. This also means that might be Xiaomi’s first laptop would hit the market; you may also get it at discounted prices.


Customers can now save almost 89% on the latest new released gadgets, as MadBid buys the stock in bulk and sells to at discounted prices on the same day.

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