Increase in CV Frauds Makes the Background Check More Serious

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A number of CV frauds and discrepancies have been observed these days. Thus, the level of screening and background checks has become more stringent.

A US-based IT firm approached Auth-Bridge that is a background screening firm.

The US Company wished to get a background check on its CEO in India. The CEO was reported to join the firm six months earlier.

The CEO claimed that he passed his graduation from IIT, BHU and IIM-Ahmedabad.

But according to his colleagues, he lacked some managerial abilities and also the command over English language was not up to the mark.

AuthBridge then found out that the said CEO provided 7 seven different resumes on various portals and he did no0t graduate from any of the mentioned institutes.

Such discrepancies are increasing rapidly, especially at the senior level. Hence, the HR consultants also make sure that the background check is performed with utmost precision.

According to an executive headhunter, technology makes it very difficult for the candidates to fudge around, but still a number of such frauds are increasingly coming across.

HireRight is another firm that checks the background of the candidates. According to this firm, 22% of the screenings contained a lie during April to June in India.

At one hand, where PM Modi visions to make India the HR capital, on the other hand, such frauds are caught.

Thus, the stringent screenings have become essential.

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