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To eliminate the gender bias, India Inc is set to begin new HR mission. It has been observed that at the workplace, leaders and managers do not wish women to be on the leadership position, due to an unconscious bias. Unconsciously, many managers avoid recruiting women at the top positions.

Hence to avoid such bias from the corporate culture, Genpact along with its business leaders, conducted 2 pilots, in order to aware them about the unconscious bias.

The head of global HR, Genpact says that different managers have different abilities to grow at the workplace and retain women employees. This can be due to unsupportive ecosystems for women, lack of a diverse talent pool or due to the unconscious bias, which is basically a hidden bias against minority groups.

Google uses a bias-busting check-list at the time of performance reviews. This encourages the managers to judge their own biases.

Beyond active training, the organizations are constantly striving to correct the actions and behaviors at the workplace, in order to look gender neutral.

It is a very well-known fact that the businesses which have a higher percentage of women employees at the leadership level, grow rapidly in comparison to those which retain fewer or no women at the top.

FMCG major PepsiCo had a campaign named Mind Bugs. This campaign talked about perspectives on gender stereotypes.

According to Pavitra Singh, the head of organizational capability at PepsiCo India, the company has tried tpo create awareness about this unconscious bias through ‘nukkad natak’ that described certain situations in the routine work life at various office locations, (including Raahgiri) across the country.

The company organizes workshops for gender intelligence that are aimed at sensitizing both men and women. Such types of workshops help in bringing out the cognizance of having a gender-balanced firm. Further, the company also runs various in-house workshops on building leadership skills among the team leaders and managers and various core skills among all the employees.

The VP – human resources at Welspun Group, Mr. Sandip Grover said that in its stitching centres and textile houses, men had to be sensitized against the usage of abusive language. The company addressed such biases with the help of effective training modules that were conducted in the form of role play.

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