India Witnesses A Whopping 156% Increase In Social Media Scams

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According to recent report laid out by Symantec, India is the most targeted country for threats in Asia, while ranking second in World for the same.

Symantec’s director Taran Kaura told PTI  “A whopping 94 per cent of these scams were spread through manual sharing, proving India’s burgeoning social media population remains a favoured target of scammers”

Social media is now being used as a tool by scammers to make more people trust them in their social circles. This makes it easy for them to spread scams and fake links.

India currently ranks third globally as the source of malicious activity, followed by China and the US. India also ranks third as the prime source of items and activities like spam, malware, phishing tool and hosts and much more.

India has seen a significant decrease in the amount of spam originating from its borders. Once ranked 6th in the year 2014, India saw a significant decrease and ranked lowered to 18th as a source of spam.

The most targeted sectors have always been financial sector organization and public utilities. These sections are most likely to be in the prime spot for spammers in the coming future too.

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