India’s Busiest Stations to Get Free High Speed Wi-Fi by Google

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Some of the busiest stations in India will be among the first group of stations to get free Wi-Fi as per the announcement of Google CEO Sundar Pichai. Some of the stations are: Howrah, Mumbai Central, Chennai Central, New Delhi, and various others.

Sundar Pichai said that the total number of stations to get the wireless internet facility would be around 400.

This announcement was made when Narendra Modi visited the headquarters in the US. There, he also announced that besides the free Wi-Fi facility; there will be an addition of 11 new languages in the Android.

According to the sources, in the first phase, the stations belonging to the A and A1 category would be included (407 stations) and later B category stations might get included.

The team of Google would work with Rail Tel and the Indian railways. The network will rapidly cover the busiest stations of India.

This effort will definitely boost the ‘Digital India’ initiative. One of the most proud moments in the US was that the Digital India’ initiative got endorsed by leading IT CEOs

Pichai evn shared his own story, when he was a student and used to travel through Chennai Central station, in order to reach IIT Kharagpur, his institute.

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